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CEAAC’s programme of residencies currently includes cross-residencies with partner institutions in Germany, Hungary, Italy and the Czech Republic, curatorial residencies in Strasbourg, and production residencies in Meisenthal, near Strasbourg.

They concentrate on the following areas of research:

  • Modes of production, reproduction and circulation of images (a.o. in the context of the region’s rich history of printing and publishing)
  • Vernacular, local and popular knowledge
  • Public health issues


These cross-residencies are organised with partner institutions in Europe. They are open to visual artists from the Grand Est and do not entail any obligation to produce work.

The selected artists benefit from a residency abroad. In return, CEAAC hosts artists selected together with its European partner institutions.

Duration: 1 to 3 months

Selection procedures:

  • Call for applications and pre-selection based on applications
  • Interviews with the pre-selected artists by CEAAC and its partners
  • Final decision made by the hosting institution


Currently on invitation, these residencies are open to curators and researchers from France and abroad. in a bid to promote encounters between professionals working in the visual arts sector and artists from the Grand Est Region.

They aim to support the dissemination of the work of regional artists and help them to expand their network. They provide a unique occasion for active curators to explore the local art scene (artists, artist-run spaces, institutions).

Duration: 2 to 5 days

Selection criteria: on invitation


This residency is open to artists who have been invited to exhibit at CEAAC.

Duration: variable

Selection procedure: on invitation


For visual artists:

  • Private room in a 100 sqm shared furnished flat
  • Access to a shared studio (60 sqm) at Bastion 14 or La Virgule (wood workshop) provided by the City of Strasbourg
  • Monthly fee of up to €700 excl. VAT
  • Monthly living expenses of €335 incl. VAT
  • Travel costs from place of residence to the residency
  • Human and material support and networking opportunities
  • Specific project at the end of the residency (not systematic)

For curators and researchers from France and abroad:

  • Private room in a 100 sqm shared furnished flat
  • Fixed residency allowance of €100 incl. VAT/day
  • Travel costs from the place of residence to Strasbourg
  • Tailored studio visits and networking opportunities