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Curatorial Residencies Hop

Currently on invitation, these residencies are open to curators and researchers from France and abroad. in a bid to promote encounters between professionals working in the visual arts sector and artists from the Grand Est Region.

They aim to support the dissemination of the work of regional artists and help them to expand their network. They provide a unique occasion for active curators to explore the local art scene (artists, artist-run spaces, institutions).

Duration: 2 to 5 days

Selection criteria: on invitation


Curators and researchers hosted :

2023 : Margaux Bonopera & Elsa Vettier
2023 : Marie-Pierre Bonniol
2024 : Camille Richert, Pascaline Morincôme et Matthis Collins
2024 : Frida Carazzato

Exhibition(s) associated :