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This program was initiated in 2013 by the The French Institute in Prague, in partnership with the CEAAC and the multidisciplinary Prague art center MeetFactory.

Aiming to support the work and the development of French and Czech artists, these residencies are dedicated to visual arts, especially art installations, sculptures, photographs, as well as digital arts, as these various projects can combine several subjects. For a three months length period, French artists are hosted by the MeetFactory in Prague, meanwhile in Strasbourg, Czech artists are hosted by the CEAAC.

The Czech and French laureates benefit from equivalent conditions, including a studio, accommodation, round-trip airfare and residency grants (allowance for living and production) as well as Open studios and exhibitions.


French artists hosted in Prague:

2023 : Sonia Verguet
2022 : Laurent Odelain
2021 : Kévin Senant
2019 : Jeanne Bischoff
2018 : Arthur Poutignat
2017 : Elsa Farbos
2016 : Gaëlle Cressent
2015 : Axel Gouala
2014 : Thomas Bischoff
2013 : Adrien Giros

Czech artists hosted in Strasbourg:

2023 : Klara Čermakovà
2022 : Zuzana Žabková
2021 : Jana Bernartová
2019 : Karima Al-Mukhtarova
2018 : Petra Hudcova
2017 : Jakub Jansa
2016 : Markéta Magidová
2015 : Jan Sipocz
2014 : Anna Hulačová
2013 : Jiry Thyn