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In the frame of its international projects, the CEAAC has maintained a partnership with the Budapest Gallery. Major modern art structure of the Hungarian’s capital city, the Budapest Gallery takes part in the installation of works in the public space, sets up exhibitions in its various premises, and actively supports artistic research.

Each year, as part of exchanges between our two structures, two artists benefit from a one month length residency in the partner city. Thereby, an Hungarian artist is being hosted by the CEAAC and benefits from an accommodation, a studio and a living/production grant. Mutually, the Budapest Gallery hosts the French artist under the same conditions.


French artists hosted in Budapest since 2007:

2013 : Laurent Bechtel
2010 : Marta Caradec


Hungarian artists hosted in Strasbourg since 2007:

2024 : Dominka Trapp
2023 : Balázs Varju Tóth

2022 : Hajnalka Tulisz
2021 : Eszter Wolf
2019 : Luca Sára Rózsa
2018 : Szofia Szemzö
2017 : Blanka Gyori
2016 : Gruppo Tökmag
2015: Peter Gallov
2014 : Aniko Robitz
2013 : Csaba Arpad
2012 : Angelika Toth
2011 : Roland Horvath
2010 : Lehel Kovacs
2009: Andras Vegh
2008 : Istvan Mes-Zaros
2007 : Tamas Komoroczky