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Founded in 1987, the Centre européeen d’actions artistiques contemporaines (CEAAC) aims to support, produce and promote contemporary creation for all audiences. Since 1995, it has been housed in the former Neunreiter glassware and porcelain store, an Art Nouveau building in the heart of the historic Krutenau district in Strasbourg. The CEAAC is a unique place for exhibitions and experimental practices, whose artistic and cultural events testify to the wealth and diversity of the regional, national and international contemporary art scene. Since 2001, it has also been running a far-reaching international exchange and residency programme with German, Hungarian, Czech, Canadian and Korean institutions.

After more than 30 years of activity, the CEAAC has arrived at a turning point in its history. Building on its vast experience and its privileged location within the university district of a city that is both one of the four official European capitals and the capital of the Grand Est Region (5.5 million inhabitants), the CEAAC has renewed its Board of Directors in November 2020.

In September 2021, Alice Motard was named the new Director of the CEAAC. Her artistic and cultural vision aims to strengthen the European character of the CEAAC while working towards meeting the requirements to obtain certification as a Contemporary Art Centre of National Interest (C.A.C.I.N.). Her project for the future art centre pursues two lines of artistic research: on the one hand, a reflection on the modes of production, reproduction and circulation of images with regard to the history of Alsace as one of the birthplaces of the printing industry; on the other hand, an exploration of vernacular, local and popular knowledge and knowhow.

The team of the CEAAC comprises ten permanent employees (7 full-time equivalents) and one civic service volunteer.

The CEAAC is an association under the local law of 1908 and benefits from the support of the Grand Est Region, the City of Strasbourg, the DRAC Grand Est and the European Collectivity of Alsace. The CEAAC is also part of the Plan d’Est and Arts en résidence networks.

The team


Alice Motard, Director

Margot Rieder, Administrator

Alice Narcy, Exhibitions Organiser & Residency Programmes Manager

Roland Görgen, Technical Manager

Auriane Lagas, Communications and Development Manager

Gérald Wagner, Education and Outreach Manager

Justine Siret, Art Educator

Orlane Laage, Art Educator

Emma Przybylski, Visitor Assistant

Fatiha Machtoune, Cleaner





Anne Wachsmann Guigon, barrister and President of the Linklaters Foundation, President

Martin Meyer, honorary lawyer and Honorary President of the Friends of the Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Vice-President

Marie-Cécile Burnichon, Assistant Director of the Artistic Exchange and Cooperation Department at the Institut français

Julien Fronsacq, Chief Curator and Assistant Director of MAMCO Geneva

Pascal Yonet, Director of Vent des Forêts
– Meuse

We thank all our partners for their support and collaboration:


Financial partners:

Région Grand Est
Ville de Strasbourg
DRAC Grand Est
Collectivité européenne d’Alsace



Plan d’Est – Pôle Arts Visuels Grand Est 
Arts en Résidence


Cultural projects partners:

Les Frac du Grand Est
Musées de Strasbourg
Agence culturelle Grand Est
Université de Strasbourg


International partners:

Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg
Service culturel de la Ville de Francfort
Basis e.V Frankfurt
Institut français de Stuttgart
Budapest Gallery
Land du Baden-Württemberg
Kunststiftung Stuttgart
Institut français de Prague


And also:

Lézard Graphique
Ott imprimeurs
Lana Papiers
Pétrole Éditions



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