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Founded in 1987, the Centre européeen d’actions artistiques contemporaines (CEAAC) aims to support, produce and promote contemporary creation for all audiences.

Located in an Art Nouveau building in the heart of Strasbourg since 1995, the CEAAC organises exhibitions and events showcasing the richness and diversity of regional, national and international contemporary creation.

Its artistic program and areas of research includes the status of images in a fast-changing environment, vernacular culture and know-how, and public health issues.

In parallel, it develops and implements specific outreach programmes for schools (all grades from nursery to university) and audiences with special needs.

For over twenty years, CEAAC has been organising cross-residencies for artists and researchers in collaboration with an international network of institutions and cultural organisations. This exchange programme currently involves partners in Germany (Basis e.V., Frankfurt), Spain (Hangar, Barcelona), Hungary (Budapest Gallery), Italy (IUNO, Rome) and the Czech Republic (MeetFactory, Prague, and Institut français de Prague). Since 2023, it has also been offering short curatorial residencies (Hop) and a production residency for invited artists.

CEAAC is an association under local law (law of 1908) and is supported by the DRAC Grand Est, the Grand Est Région, the Collectivité européenne l’Alsace and the City of Strasbourg. CEAAC is also part of the DCA, Arts en résidence, BLA!, Tôt ou t’art and Plan d’Est – Pôle arts visuels Grand Est networks.

The team


Alice Motard, Director

Pierre Kiener, Administrator

Alice Narcy, Exhibitions Organiser & Residency Programmes Manager

Emma Benoit, Production Assistant (internship)

Auriane Lagas, Communications and Development Manager

Jade Masson, Education and Outreach Manager

Orlane Laage, Art Educator

Emma Ertzscheid, Volunteer

Fatiha Machtoune, Cleaner


The elected members of the Board, including the Executive Committee

President: Anne Wachsmann Guigon, Barrister and President of the Linklaters Foundation (active member)

Vice-President: Martin Meyer, Honorary Lawyer and Honorary President of the Friends of the Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (active member)

Secretary: Christophe Gallois,
Curator, Head of Exhibitions at Mudam
Luxembourg (associate member)

Treasurer: Pascal Yonet, Director of Vent des Forêts – Meuse (associate member)

Marie-Cécile Burnichon, Assistant Director of the Artistic Exchange and Cooperation Department at the Institut français (associate member)

Stéphane Sauzedde, Director of the
Haute école des arts du Rhin (HEAR)
(associate member)

We thank all our partners for their support and collaboration:

Financial partners

Drac Grand Est
Région Grand Est
Collectivité européenne d’Alsace
Ville de Strasbourg


Arts en résidence
Plan d’Est – Pôle Arts Visuels Grand Est
Tôt ou t’art

International partners

Basis e.V Frankfurt
Budapest Gallery
Hangar, Barcelona
IUNO, Rome
MeetFactory and Institut français de Prague


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