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IUNO is a research center for contemporary art that fosters dialogue between people, geographies and languages. Founded by Cecilia Canziani and Ilaria Gianni in 2021, and joined by Giulia Gaibisso, it is hosted in an apartment in the city center of Rome, at walking distance from art institutions, galleries and the art school. IUNO encourages a convivial approach to artistic production and its theoretical debate through exhibitions, seminars, performances, educational programs, and privileging process based and participatory formats.

IUNO residency is a research-based residency for artists, curators and art writers who experiment in their practice with the written word. The residency is open on invitation only and is based on a principle of affinity and curiosity towards who investigates the realm and limits of texts.


French artists hosted in Rome :

Artistes accueilli·e·s en résidence à Strasbourg :