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Karíma Al-Mukhtarová

As a conceptual, multimedia artist, I tend to combine many approaches in my works. I make mainly objects, site-specific installations, texts and performances. The main, long term leitmotif of my works are identity and tradition. My parents are foreigners and I was born and grew up in the different country than they did. I couldn’t learn their tradition and history. Instead, I had to learn the Czech ones, but still, after many years, I face many misunderstandings.

I see these misunderstandings differently and I use for them term: different view. I started to learn many traditional handcrafts. These skills I use in different way – I apply my view. Partly it can be understood in my works as authenticity and partly as errors.

The second big inspiration of my works is life and people. I believe that the life itself is the strongest art.