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Jana Bernartová

Born in 1983 in Liberec (Czech Republic) Jana Bernartová lives and works in Prague.

Jana Bernartová decided to accentuate the undesirable symptoms of production, communication, mediation and remediation, imbue them with meaning and reveal their aesthetic potential in her work. Errors, short-circuits, interferences, reverberations, feedbacks, interruptions and absences thus become legitimate elements of her artistic language. She immerses herself in the “depths“ of the digital medium (print, software, internet) to discover the potentialities of error and failure under the seemingly perfect surface. However, rather than trying to prove the instability of computer infallibility, she does so for exclusively aesthetic purposes. She seeks beauty where one would hardly expect it; within cold, calculated representation, production, postproduction and distribution.
In her work, she examines the relationship between the virtuality of the digital space and its material transitions into the world of things. She observes the principles and possibilities of presetting and standardization and their possible failure. Through her visually sobre intermedia work, she comments on the state of the contemporary world (of art).

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