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Hajnalka Tulisz

“Hajnalka Tulisz alternates poetic writing, drawings and more immediate capture, by photography and video, instantaneous gestures or interventions in public spaces. These different practices reflect a less contradictory than complementary relationship to time. Her poetry consists essentially of meditative haikus, between aphorism and the tale of awakening, in which a form of rationalization of affects is ironically suggested. The introspection of poetry and drawing, where the repetition of the gesture is confined to meditation, is an exploration of “No-go zones”, regions of the psyche whose mapping is hazardous and uncertain. Shooting stars in Daylight, instantaneous and random photographs of wooden fragments thrown into the air, which in addition to evoking the use of chance by John Baldessari or Tom Marioni, are also superimposed on these exercises of slowness of artificial magic of natural elements.”


François Piron, curator, Biennale de Lyon 2017


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