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La danse au travail

Lorraine Féline, "La danse au travail", 2022, vue d'exposition, CEAAC, crédit photo : E. Vialet.

Exhibition - Espace international

  • Opening: 01.04.2022
  • Start date: 02.04.2022
  • End date: 29.05.2022

La danse au travail
Lorraine Féline

I wanted to use my residency in Stuttgart to produce a new video portrait of a dancer. I didn’t know which dancer or dance I was going to film, or whether my approach would be historical or observational. Everything had to be developed once I was on site.

Prior to that, I had to find a dance class to get things started. I discovered Produktionszentrum, a venue that offers weekly training courses for professional dancers. They agreed to let me take lessons as an amateur. The first class I attended was run by Selina Koch. I was so struck by her strength and power that I immediately wanted to film her. Shortly after I talked to her, the project started. For several few weeks, I was able to follow her with my camera, filming her work as choreographer and dancer during personal performance projects and other dance projects. From the scenes captured during these rehearsals and performances I was able to create a portrait of Selina at work.

The exhibition is the result of a three-month residency at the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart. Alongside the film, I present a set of drawings and gouaches that I produced as part of my daily studio practice.

Lorraine Féline, 2022