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Linda Weiss

„Linda Weiß’ installations spread rhizome-like in the exhibition area. In various modules that are linked with each other, both physically and iconographically, Weiß creates a self-sufficient system that appears to be a habitat of its own. Cables and electronic devices combined with snail-like ceramic structures and organic elements visualize a sort of digestive system …“
(Sonja-Maria Borstner)

“Non, Sire, c`est une révolution.”
(Eva von Redecker, Praxis und Revolution, 2018)

What if… our ordinary life had the potential to inscribe naturecultures into future history? Inspired by tactile practices (e.g. fermenting, composting, kneading dough, recycling), Humanities and Social sciences (particularly material feminism and ecosystem research), Weiß’ installations circulate through chaos and complexity. In her multi-layered scenarios, she connects small figures to imaginary living structures that define themselves as more than human. She invites the viewer to become part of forgotten, trendy and re-enchanted notions of regeneration/resilience gathering concepts of affect and embodiment.

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