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Yann Leguay & Gaëtan Rusquet

Yann Leguay & Gaëtan Rusquet, Meanwhile, 2014. Photo : Gudinni. Courtesy des artistes.

Yann Leguay

Born in 1981, lives and works in Brussels.

Yann Leguay, a graduate of Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains, explores the physicality of sound in the age of acoustic dematerialization. Dubbed the ‘saboteur of media’, he tests the limits of sound materials, reappropriating them in his work (publications, videos, installations, performance art) in an approach critical of technological evolution.

Gaëtan Rusquet

Born in 1984, lives and works in Brussels.

Gaëtan Rusquet holds a degree from ENSAAMA – Olivier de Serres (School of Arts and Design, Paris) and studied scenography and performance art at La Cambre in Brussels. Blending dance, theatre and visual arts, his artistic practice offers the audience a visual and performative experience centred around the body-space relationship.

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  Colère divine