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Two faces / Inside View

    Exhibition presented within the framework of artist exchanges with the Korea International Art Studio of Seoul Contemporary Art Museum. Nathalie Savey was in residence in Seoul from September to December 2012. Deok Yeoung Gim was in residence in Strasbourg from April to June 2013.

    Nathalie Savey

    I am presenting seven 80 x 80 cm format black and white photographs, a video entitled Two faces and sound postcards made ​​in partnership with Radio en Construction.

    This photographic work was carried out in the Buckhansan park near Seoul, at the sacred mountain of Gyerongsan and near the waterfalls on the island of Jeju.

    Nature is my studio and walking is my creative condition. My elements are wind, light, stones, water and shadows. I seek the limits of distance in the desire for the nearby. I take photographs when I see an imagined horizon forming from what I frame.

    Early on I was attracted to the art of the Far East. I went there nourished by readings of Augustin Berque, François Cheng, Roger Caillois, Gaston Bachelard, Alain Roger, Michel Collot, Philippe Jaccottet, Junichiro Tanizaki, Gao Xingjian, Yi Mungyol, Hwang Sok-Yong, etc … and a trip to Japan in 2005. From my experience of walking in the mountains, I found an echo of what I feel in nature, the link between heaven and earth that man establishes. I felt it by following the wind which was vibrating the light on the water, seeking my inner horizontality in the verticality of these spaces. Through contact with people, I discovered  shamanism, geomancy, the traditional medicine of massage and participated in the search for stones with sussok collectors near rivers. The world is vast and choosing a point of view is my way of slipping into the world. It is deployed and unfolds in other invisible, imagined geographies, grasped in ephemera.

    Nathalie Savey

    Deok Yeoung Gim

    The artist is presenting an exhibition entitled Inside View, which is an extension of his Parasite Project begun in 2008 /2009. This exhibition takes the form of a work produced in situ on the ground floor of the CEAAC international space.

    This exhibition literally depicts the invisible aspects underlying any space.

    I often think that people are prisoners of the phenomenon of surface, the only visible thing in their eyes. Through this exhibition, I tried to highlight the inside, the hidden space, while simultaneously revealing the traces of the exhibition preparation process.

    This process is meant to be partly invisible, erased by the final result. There is therefore a kind of interior.

    A crack is not a crack is a projection of an epoxy crack which presents another image of the room. Furthermore, it reveals all traces of the errors made ​​during the production of the piece. After projecting the breach, the resulting shape turns in on itself to create an image of a cliff. Indeed, the breach and the cliff can be viewed together.

    Both are created by the geological movement of the earth.

    Search is a piece that highlights an almost unnoticeable crack by introducing a different colour paint inside.

    The last piece is an installation called Fishing. It highlights the act of fragmentation and launching of the dark side of space. It’s about giving the impression of drawing the inside of another space outside with force. Personally, I also tried to show the invisible part of myself as an act of extraction.

    Deok Yeoung Gim
on about his work performed in situ at the CEAAC International Space