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Becky Beasley

Expositions individuelles (sélection)

• Office Baroque Gallery, Antwerp (BE) (forthcoming) (2010)
• German Soup, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London (GB) (2009)
• Malamud, Office Baroque Gallery, Antwerp (BE) (2008)
• The Man Nobody Could Lift, Office Baroque Gallery, Artissima 15, Turino (IT) (2008)
• Three Notable American Novellas, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London (GB) (2007)
• The Index of Maladjustments, Laura Bartlett Gallery, Artissima, Turino (IT) (2007)
• Eleven Years Later, Office Baroque Gallery, Antwerp (BE) (2007)
• Décors du Silence!, UBU Gallery, Glasgow (GB) (2006)
• Six Storeys, Millefiori Art Space, Athens (GR) (2004)
• Thru Darkly Night, Whitechapel Project Space, London (GB) (2003)

Expositions collectives (sélection)

• En présence, CEAAC, Strasbourg (FR) (curated by Bettina Klein) (2010)
• Karaoke, Fotohof Salzburg (AT) (2010)
• Evidence of the Paranormal, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (US) (curated by Chris Sharp) (2009)
• Personne, Galerie Schleicher+Lange, Paris (FR) (curated by Bettina Klein) (2009)
• Group Show, Autocenter, Berlin (DE) (curated by Max-Hans-Daniel) (2009)
• Shining by Absence, Nogueras Blanchard, Barcelona (ES) (curated by Jacqueline Uhlmann) (2009)
• Drawing 2009 Biennial Fundraiser, The Drawing Room, London (GB) (2009)
• Cui Prodest?, New Galerie de France, Paris (FR) (curated by Francesco Stocchi) (2009)
• It’s Not for Reading. It’s for Making, FormContent, London (GB) (2009)
• Slow Movement or: Half & Whole, Kunsthalle Bern (CH) (curated by Philippe Pirotte and Elfriede Schalter), (cat.) (2009)
• Don’t Expect Anything, Francesca Minini, Milano (IT) (2009)
• Hannah Beyond the Mirror, American Academy in Rome, Roma (IT) (curated by Francesco Stocchi) (2009)
• Why is there something rather than nothing?, Ignasi Aballi – Becky Beasley – Stefan Brüggeman, Galleria Galica, Milano (IT) (curated by Filippa Ramos) (2008)
• Word Event, Kunsthalle Basel, Basel (CH) (2008)
• Schüttelreime, Office Baroque Gallery, Antwerp (BE) (2008)
• W., Becky Beasley and Kate Atkin, Museum 52, New York (US) (2008)
• Building, Dwelling, Thinking, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London (GB) (2008)
• In Our World: New Photography in Britain, Galleria Civica Modena, Modena (IT) (curated by Fillippa Maggia) (cat.) (2008)
• Oh a Rhinoceros!, Ubu Gallery, Glasgow (GB) (2007)
• Ost Property, Danielle Arnaud, London (GB) (2007)
• Black & White, IBID Projects, London (GB) (2007)
• Anatomies of Desire, Encosta Galeria, Lisboa (PT) (2006)
• Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2006, Liverpool, London (GB) (2006)

Exposition(s) en lien :

  En présence