As the final part of the Think global, act local exhibition cycle, which was devised by COAL for CEAAC, Ultralocal revisits and reverses the notion of utopia through a set of experiments undertaken by the exhibition artists in hyperlocal and specific contexts.

    From the point of view of ecology and sustainable development, the type of organization, material and creation that proves most effective differs according to the particular environmental, cultural and technological context. The idea must continuously be readapted in a form of hybridity and recreation that is varied and adapted to each location. The global idea is thus applied locally, making it glocal.

    In Ultralocal, artists revisit the very notion of utopia. This cannot, in our era, be situated elsewhere. It is not reproducible through copying and pasting. It must be invented here and now. For today and for the future. In short, the artists whose proposals are intended to implement sustainable development are situationist hardliners in opposition to utopia, which, etymologically, is defined as an absolute ideal, devoid of location. Here, on the contrary, it is the location and the immediate context that become the very materials of creation which tends, through its singularity, to achieve universality.

    A generous exhibition, on the boundaries of disciplines and codes and symbols of contemporary artistic production, Ultralocal infiltrates the flaws in our societies in order to pirate reality with poetry and humour.