Dominique Petitgand

    Born in Laxou in 1965. Lives and works in Nancy.


    Dominique Petitgand has been creating sound pieces since 1992. Artworks in which voices, breathing, noises, musical atmospheres and silences construct microcosms, through editing, in which ambiguity exists between a reality principle (the recording of the words of people speaking about themselves) and a projection in “stories and mental landscapes”, hollow stories in the process of becoming that belong only to the listener. From recordings he makes taking note of a word, state or lack, he plays with processes of fragmentation, isolation and repetition to reveal a succession of mental images. These sound assemblies thus open up a narrative space in which lapses in identities, locations and temporal structures evoke the very movement of the construction (but also the desertion) of memory, of thought.

    Furthermore, the exclusive use of sound locates it in a shifting territory “at the intersection of art, music, writing, editing and narration”. Although his artworks take the form of sound installations for which the sound dissemination device is suited both to the particularity of the space being used and the narrative itself, they can also be distributed on discs or during listening sessions that are akin to concerts in the dark. Each distribution method thus provides a perception, a particular ear.

    Dominique Petitgand has created an artwork specifically for the exhibition which plays with the two levels of space at CEAAC: interspersed with silences, a voice circulates in the exhibition space, the meaning of whose words is impossible to grasp.

    A listening session will also be scheduled during the exhibition period.