David Douard

    Born in Perpignan in 1983. Lives and works in Aubervilliers.


    Through the accumulation of objects, logos, signs and texts appropriated from various undifferentiated sources, David Douard deploys his artworks within a profusion of elements: films, soundtracks, objects removed from their primary function, etc. Conceived as sites for experimentation, his installations combine language and sculpture, causing shifts in meaning prone to fictional projections. Whether materials or objects, identifiable or unidentifiable elements mingle in patched-together assemblies, freed from concerns of technical virtuosity, revisiting the “grotesque” as an aesthetic form. These hybrids born from transplants of technological and organic elements, reveal changing bodies, types of avatars between two states or two identities which echo some experience from adolescence.

    In the exhibition, the first work of an ongoing series that the artist created using the remains of TV screen frames, is displayed. Covered in plaster and other materials, these screens are diseased landscapes, in ruins, dotted with disparate elements as if contaminated by a virus. The other piece entitled All of us evokes the idea of an absent body, represented by a pair of training shoes frozen in plaster on which artificial flowers grow.