Ana Jotta

    Born in 1946 in Lisbon (Portugal) where she lives and works.


    For nearly forty years Ana Jotta has explored every artistic fields: painting, sculpture, installation, sound, photography, as well as techniques that are associated with the so-called minor arts (sewing, embroidery, pottery). Her artistic work is extremely varied and free of any neatly identifiable style, rejecting the concept of signature or authorship. Ana Jotta is a genuine artist-collector who constantly appropriates the objects, iconography, phrases and titles of others. Ana Jotta once wrote: “An amateur should say: I have no literary interest, but I am made of literature, I am nothing else and can be nothing else”.

    For each of her exhibitions, Ana Jotta invents new and unexpected forms of presentation, leading the visitor to admit that there may be no difference between the work and the way in which it is presented. Her work is constructed as a series of dynamic ruptures that embody a kind of erasure of its own traces, of modernist ideology and postmodern mythology but also of the notion of authorship. She tries to dismantle the idea of a coherent and unambiguous style (either by breaking this notion or by reconstructing it).

    The two artworks in the exhibition, two painted projection screens, play on the ambiguity between still images and moving images, while the titles One Springtime and The Joy of the Sad open up fictional possibilities.