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SeMA NANJI RESIDENCY is a residency program operated by the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) that was launched in 2006 after remodeling unused facilities in Nanji Hangang Park. Conceived as a means of supporting  capable artists and researchers in Korea, the Residency organizes exhibitions such as the ‘NANJI ART SHOW’ and ‘Art Critic Workshop’, and runs other programs designed to enhance exhibitions and research capability. It also operates the International Artist Exchange Program to utilize international residency network and multiply exchanges, and hosts lectures in which art experts from Korea and other countries are invited to participate.

By 2009, SeMA Nanji Residency had firmly established itself as a creative studio by providing creative spaces and working conditions to domestic young artists. Starting in 2010, it began to take the form of a program by subdividing its activities into ‘exhibition’, ‘research and academics’, and ‘exchange’, and supporting and operating them systematically. Since 2012, it has been developing into an international residential organization by operating various programs.


French artists hosted in Seoul:

2022 : Joseph Kieffer
2019 :  Nicolas Pinier

Korean artists hosted in Strasbourg:

2022 : Sun Choi
2019 : Haeri Choi


Artist(s) associated

  Haeri Choi    Nicolas Pinier  

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