The book Sequoia Mirabilis was published to coincide with the installation of the artwork of the same name in the forest of Niederbronn-lès-Bains. The book presents the project by the artist Patrick Meyer (which consisted of creating a device in the trunk of a giant sequoia, combining rainwater and daylight) and also includes a text on his artistic approach towards pruned, simplified or even purified trees from which the bark has been removed and which become supports for texts. Numerous images illustrate this work as well as the installation Sequoia Mirabilis itself. In addition there are poetic texts by Jérôme Mauche, Anna Magdalena Compleano, Samuel Atmen, Elisabeth Errigall, Benoît Van Jacquelina and Christine Orizzontii with the same themes as the installation by Patrick Meyer : nature, walking, forests and trees, the sky and light.

    Edition available at CEAAC.