Résidence Internationale

Artists’ residence in Francfort

    The Culture Department of the City of Frankfurt am Main has conducted an Artist in Residence Programme since the year 1990 together with eight international partner cities. To date, around 90 artists from Frankfurt have enjoyed the opportunity of a cultural interchange and just as many artists from abroad have taken part in the programme here. The project is designed to promote the artistic interchange between culturally oriented and active cities and is based on the principle of reciprocity. In concrete terms this means that foreign artists are offered the opportunity to live and work for two or three months in Frankfurt. The City provides a residential studio and a monthly grant. The counter programme foresees that Frankfurt artists have the opportunity to live and work in a studio in a partner city for a similar period and under equivalent conditions.

    The Artist in Residence Programme is not to be regarded purely as material award, but as possibility for gathering and artistically developing new impressions and experiences. The visit should serve to establish new contacts that could be beneficial for creative achievements of the future. In this way the programme’s goal is to form an international artistic network between participating artists and venues.

    The first interchange was initiated in 1990 with Budapest and Salzburg and it still continues today. The Culture Department Frankfurt am Main, which, since early 2005, with newly installed studios on the “Kulturbunker” in Schmickstrasse 18, now possesses two guest studios, has in the meantime been able to extend its contacts at international level. In addition to Budapest and Salzburg, today’s partners also include Helsinki, Seoul, Antwerp, Vienna and Dubrovnik in Croatia.


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