• Adrien Giros

    Adrien Giros employs sound for its aesthetic, physical and psychological qualities. He is interested in acoustic phenomena and reinterprets them through sculpture, performance and installations. During his stay in Prague, […]

  • Félicia Atkinson

    Félicia Atkinson is an artist, experimental musician (also known as ‘Je suis le Petit Chevalier’) and co-director of the Shelter Press. Comprising fragile materials, drawings, fabric and ribbons, her frankly subjective […]

  • Stéphane Le Mercier

    Stéphane Le Mercier’s works reach us ‘after’, rather than in some ‘post-‘ or other. When they require the latter prefix and adopt a stance of opposition and refusal towards their […]

  • Jérémie Bonnefous

    Consisting of reproductions of book covers or displays of series books, Jérémie Bonnefous’ works have less to do with the Duchamp heritage of the readymade than with their 1970s American […]

  • Julien Crépieux

    Julien Crépieux’s video installations and other works make play with the mises en abyme and metonymic overlappings of video filming and recording techniques. Expanding on Marshall McLuhan’s ‘the medium is […]

  • Lauris Paulus

    The works of Lauris Paulus combine cryptic, esoteric knowledge with an overtly Mallarmean poetics. As symbols without objective referents, as hermetic factual signs,[1] they summon us to a reading of […]

  • François Martin

    Né en 1945 Vit et travaille à Paris Professeur de peinture à l’Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts du Havre Artiste et plasticien, il est connu pour son oeuvre nomade et de […]

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