• Gareth Long

    Gareth Long’s work questions the notions of authorship and originality through processes of translation, transposition and collaboration. He is thus concerned with issues of copying and imitation that have punctuated […]

  • Chitti Kasemkitvatana

    Chitti Kasemkitvatana is an artist, independent exhibition curator and teacher. He was host of a radio programme about art and co-editor (with the artist Rirkrit Tiravanija) of Ver magazine. Very active on the art scene in […]

  • Julien Crépieux

    Through films, installations, sculptures, drawings and collages, Julien Crépieux explores movement and the combination of still or moving images, the use of which he diverts. Frequently using existing images to […]

  • Lenka Clayton

    In some of her previous projects British artist Lenka Clayton has photographed 613 people mentioned in an edition of a German newspaper, picked out, numbered by hand and distributed 7000 […]

  • Erica Baum

    Since the mid-1990s Erica Baum has photographed fragments of words and images found in newspapers and books, classrooms and libraries. Shot, cropped, enlarged and extracted from their context, the photographed […]

  • Bruno Persat

    Based on archive documents and archival documentation, Bruno Persat’s work plays with changing forms of organization and transmission of knowledge and experience. His artworks may take iceberg drift, utopian 1960s […]

  • Antoinette Ohanessian

    The uttering of descriptive phrases has been an ongoing process in Antoinette Ohannessian’s work since the late 1990s. Appropriating words heard, she gives them materiality and lends them, beyond their […]

  • Benoît Maire

    Using philosophical axioms, historical events and outdated forms of art history as a starting point, Benoît Maire creates performances, organizes discussions and uses objects, paintings, drawings and videos for his […]

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