Hommage de Lydia Jacob aux jardins familiaux

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    Allotment gardens in the Robertsau

    Rue de la Fourmi

    67000 Strasbourg

    L’Hommage de Lydia Jacob aux jardins familiaux (Lydia Jacob’s Homage to the Allotment Gardens) is the reproduction, cast in bronze, on a human scale, of a shed traditionally found in such allotments. Playing on a popular imagination stamped with a certain nostalgia, the artist actually names his artwork after an illustrious unknown (Lydia Jacob, a Strasbourg dressmaker at the beginning of the 20th century), one of whose sketchbooks he discovered by accident.

    But Raymond Waydelich also likes to speak of ‘‘prospective  archeology’’ or ‘‘archeology of the future’’ in describing his project :

    ‘‘This temporal distancing is indeed the idea behind the “performance” during the inauguration that involves the burial of capsules, intended for archeologists and botanists in the coming centuries, containing objects from our era : messages, seeds, plants, etc, under the floor of the shed which, itself, also contains gardening materials.
    The ‘‘prospective archeology” of Raymond E. Waydelich, whose art lends a future power to the most modest everyday life, brings together, for once, the art enthusiast and the weekend gardener in the same surprising relationship to the passage of time.’’

    Paul Guérin


    Garden shed in bronze,
    300 cm high x 195 cm long x 145 cm wide
    Bench 143 x 32 cm,
    table 133 x 57 x 73 cm (high)

    Cette installation fait partie d'un itinéraire