Près de l’arbre brûlé (Near the Burnt Tree)

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    Pourtalès Park – Strasbourg

    The vertical sides of the space are made of iron containing light ochre-coloured glass. Blue, red, yellow and green pieces of glass on the roof fill the space with light. Finally, the construction has a door and three windows of colourless glass. Inside there is a glass shelf intended for a box of watercolours to be used by an artist awaited by a beech chair which also has twelve sides : it is the studio created by Sarkis for other artists, a studio open to anyone soliciting its temporary occupation

    “ For a defined lapse of time, this place/studio displays the working process going on inside from the outside. ”

    This glass construction was situated near a burnt tree, a dead beech with amputated branches that was preserved and staged by Sarkis but which has since disappeared. The homage to Mathias Grünewald suggested by the title is appropriate when one considers the representation of dead trees in his paintings and particularly in one of the panels of the Issenheim Altarpiece which is on display at the Unterlinden Museum in Colmar.

    glass, metal, Brazilian marble, beech, watercolour block / height : 384 cm. diameter : 192 cm.
    The tree disappeared after the storm in 1999.

    Ask to use the studio installed in ‘‘Près de l’arbre brûlé’’

    Artists or art lovers, contact CEAAC if you wish to take advantage of this studio for a seven-day period. According to the wishes of Sarkis, a box of watercolours is available in the studio, but the artist may also bring his or her own materials.

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    Pourtalès Park

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