Il bosco guarda e ascolta

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    Pourtalès Park – Strasbourg

    While Man has the habit of sanctifying Nature by watching and listening to it, Claudio Parmiggiani presents it to us differently. Henceforth it observes us…

    Here, Nature is given anthropomorphic ears and eyes, which explains the name given to the piece : Il bosco guarda e ascolta (The forest watches and listens).

    As so often in Parmiggiani’s work, this piece is both composite and hybrid, mixing natural elements, such as the stigmata of falls and cut off branches, which form on the bark of kernels resembling strange eyes, and human elements, like the ears in bronze which relate to the eyes on these tree beings.

    The sculpted ears may recall the cut off ear of Van Gogh, but they are above all an enlarged reproduction of an antique sculptural model.

    The force of its dreamlike nature lends the artwork a form of likelihood, of the possible, on the border between dreaming and waking consciousness. These singular anatomic forms give rise to a feeling of an assumed imagination, literally and figuratively mixed with reality. As time passes, the artwork takes root slowly and becomes one with the vegetation. A strong symbol of the expression of desire, the ear comes from the vegetal root accompanying the tree through time. Thus the artwork imposes itself as a finished figure, a successful grafting bearing witness to this union between the being and the beech…

    ‘‘I wanted to believe that in this forest, it was the voice and silent and hypnotic gaze of Nature which might communicate with us, in a transmental language, the language of sensibility, the only one through which we might aspire to communication. » C. P.


    1990 – bronze and natural vegetation – 7 elements of 110 cm (15 elements before the tempest of 1999)

    Cette installation fait partie d'un itinéraire

    Pourtalès Park

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