Pages d’Herbes (Herb Pages)

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    Médiathèque de la Meinau, 67000 Strasbourg

    The Pages d’Herbes (Herb Pages) are therefore on the border between nature, from which the material originated, and the culture they represent : these pages are like those of a wide-open book, in the entrance of a library, and the stems themselves have the orientation of handwriting.

    The threshold between nature and culture is even completely blurred. Herb Pages is one of the more recent installations on the Contemporary Art Route which, unlike the first artworks that introduced art directly into a natural universe in unusual ways, are here set up in an architectural and cultural environment : it would seem that, on the contrary, Claudie Hunzinger has chosen to introduce a bit of vegetation into the modern building ! Indeed, she has not filled her four pages with quotations from the history of literature – as, for example, Gloria Friedmann did in the middle of Haguenau forest – but has chosen instead to lend expression to nature, which does not have the same codes as language ! And yet, the artist informs us :

    ‘‘It’s as if in transforming a plant into a page, I wanted to liberate from the depths of the world a material lacking in signs that hold it.’’

    Extract from the catalogue V’Herbes

    Let us therefore try to decode the rhythm of the herbs that Claudie Hunzinger has fixed for us, let us try to be carried away on the same wind that seems to blow and make them sigh…


    Pages d’Herbes was commissioned by the City of Strasbourg – following artistic advice from CEAAC


    4 pages of glyceria aquatica herbs
    2.20 x 1.20 m

    Cette installation fait partie d'un itinéraire