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    Pourtalès Park -Strasbourg

    The first object which strikes the gaze is a bronze cast of the “UP5”, his famous armchair with maternal curves created in 1969. The use of bronze transforms the domestic object which is transported outside and transposed into a sculptural object. A rubber sphere placed next to the armchair is attached to it like a ball and chain. A carved yew constitutes the symbolic representation of a house. A tree is positioned above what seems to be either an enormous indoor flower pot, or the artificial trunk of the tree since this object is circled in iron on wood plating. In this way, the sculpted elements appear on the basis of a double ambiguity : on the one hand, the viewer is confronted with the use of materials which never correspond to those traditionally used for the object represented ; on the other hand, the viewer loses his or her bearings concerning what are domestic or public interior or exterior objects.

    ‘‘Today’s materials referred to as artificial are competitive compared to traditional materials (…). The relationship between form and function is no longer sufficient. Meaning has to be added to it. This allows the designer to take a stance about materials and technology.’’ Gaetano Pesce, Writings on Design, 1991

    The sculpted group is therefore inscribed in an endlessly oscillating space between the private, homely sphere and the public sphere. In the end, for Gaetano Pesce, the artwork is not really there : it isn’t here, a nose-thumbing formula reminiscent of Magritte’s “ceci n’est pas une pipe” which poses the eternal problem of representation in art.


    Sculpted group. Various materials : bronze, wood, metal, rubber, vegetation

    8.6 x 4.4 x 4.8 m – 1999

    Cette installation fait partie d'un itinéraire

    Pourtalès Park

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