À fleur d’eau (On the Surface)

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    Pôle Européen de l’Entreprise

    67300 Schiltigheim – Bas-Rhin

    Like many installations along the Contemporary Art Route in Alsace, A fleur d’eau (On the Surface) involves a play between vegetation and artefact. But here it is not an artwork which has been placed in a natural environment (in order to create contrast or, on the contrary, to melt into it – but in any case to invent a new relationship). Cathy Gangloff’s installation was inspired by a ‘‘natural’’ floral motif surprisingly composed of geometric and monochrome surfaces. Surrounded by very recent buildings, these flowers are not there to give the illusion of nature drowned in an urban context. On the contrary, the flowers float : it is through their relationship to the water that the five elements make sense, with the artist leaving nature to complete the art installation through the visual phenomenon of reflection !

    A Fleur d’eau was commissioned by the Town of Schiltigheim following artistic advice from CEAAC.

    5 sculptures in thermally insulated aluminium
    1.20 x 1.50 m each

    Cette installation fait partie d'un itinéraire