Ligne indéterminée (Indeterminate Line)

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    Place de Bordeaux

    67000 Strasbourg

    Bernar Venet’s installation Ligne indéterminée (Indeterminate Line) is installed on a big lawn at Place de Bordeaux, one of the busiest crossroads in Strasbourg. At 7 metres high, this random black twist is like the metallic materialization of the sculptor’s gesture.

    Bernar Venet began working on the ‘‘indeterminate lines’’ in 1983 : following initial research on lines subjected to simple mathematical formulae, the sculptor explored the ‘‘indetermination’’ of curves and silhouettes. Something spontaneous seems to govern the Indeterminate Line, a certain lightness, as if the line could be extended in its movement or even that it provides its own movement – this lightness is paradoxical : the installation was produced in steel !

    Faced with this elegant but brutal spiral, passersby, drivers, cyclists and tram passengers find themselves imagining where the line might continue, how its indetermination might follow its curved path in the space of Place de Bordeaux…


    Painted steel
    7 / 11 m

    Cette installation fait partie d'un itinéraire