La Ligne des Amers (The Line of markers)

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    Banks of the Rhine

    Path on the crest of the dike

    between the markers 306,5 and 308, above the locks
    67760 Gambsheim

    ‘‘amer : masculine noun. (1683. Norman. merc, Scand. merki -> Mark). Maritime. Fixed visible object serving as a bearing on a coast. (in ‘‘Le Petit Robert’’ Dictionary)
    Along the Rhine, an installation to apprehend slowly, to meditate on. The walker passes a succession of fifteen markers each displaying a photograph of a landscape. Fifteen landscapes located at the other end of the river, on the steps of the European Community fortress; inhabited by the serenity of confines or the concern for shared borders, they are sanctuaries “devoted” to the call of the sea or fear of the Other. Fifteen fragile landscapes, fixed in the fragility of white enamel, a luminous, incorruptible material, favoured by cemeteries for retaining faces from the Other Side. Fifteen landscapes invited to dialogue along the length of the river in a song line offered to the walker, fixed in the fragility of white enamel, a luminous, incorruptible material.

    […]Dark images, taken on the edge of the abyss, in close contact with the elements : water, sky, earth and wind sometimes seem to be caught in moment of their difficult division and in an atmosphere the density and matter of which seem to make visible the constituant atoms “of the nature of things” (according to Lucretius). Men are absent from these shadow lands. However, forgotten architecture and devices (watch towers, eolians, foghorns, chains, lighthouses), symbols of a former grandeur or a rout in progress, evoke their anxiety or their mystery.’’

    Alaen Willaume

    Cette installation fait partie d'un itinéraire


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