Exposition Centre d'art


    Kosmodrome has been thought as an evocation of the cosmos, which would represent the organized harmony between every sensitive things, according to Platon.
    This exhibition stimulates the curiosity of the unknown, experiments, and the contemplation.

    The artists are building  and exploring their own universe, offering us a wide range of paths to feel and to cross their “kosmos”.
    Thanks to these both private and universal doors, they ‘re leading us to the to infinitesimally small and the infinitely big and vice versa.

    In each piece that is displayed lays the obvious interaction between man and earth, between consciousness and the phenomenon occurring far above us.


    Artists:  Stephanie Abben, Guillaume Barth, Martina Boettiger, Marta Caradec, Maude Leonard Contant, Gaëlle Cressent, Christoph Eisenring, Camille Fischer, Catrin Lüthi K, Laurent Odelain , Frédéric Pagace, Marie Quéau, Letizia Romanini, Silvi Simon, Min Ji Sook, Dominique Starck, Tine Voecks